Congratulations to Activate Your Squad for winning the No2H8 hackathon, and to all the other participants who came up with actionable ideas! And thanks to the over 1,100 people who watched our livestream and cast their votes! Activate Your Squad was featured at the SXSW's Online Harassment Summit in March and will be rolled out in the next few months
Let's push hate off the Internet.
No2H8 was a three-day hackathon from February 22-24, 2016
to design effective online tools to fight hate

Helping create innovative responses to online hate
No2H8 was a three-day hackathon (i.e., a focused problem-solving competition) for community members to develop online tools that anyone can use to combat online hate, organized by Affinis Labs in partnership with Facebook and Google. Teams competed in a fast paced race-around-the-clock and pitch their ideas to a panel of judges, a live audience, and online audiences watching via livestream. The winning team received seed funding, mentoring, production support, and platinum tickets (a $1745 value) to SXSW in March.

Online spaces can contain content that is hateful, intimidating, or threatening; and such content may encourage others to engage in acts of hate or in violence. This extremism can manifest itself in multiple ways - hateful trolling that shuts down conversations, harassment and violence against women, inciting messaging from terrorist groups, the propagation of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and hate, racist speech by white supremacists, anonymous app-based bullying in schools, and more. No2H8 is an effort to address this phenomenon while recognizing the importance of the open nature of the Internet.
Scenes from the No2H8 hackathon, held at Google and Facebook's headquarters in Silicon Valley

No2H8 in the news

"Hacking the Online Hate Space", Huffington Post, March 10, 2016

Activate Your Squad
by In...Formation
Activate Your Squad is a Twitter solution that leverages your social capital to quickly counter hate. By creating or joining a squad, bystanders become upstanders, providing accountability and emotional support.
What the If
by The Futurists
How will the future judge your actions or your inactions? Will you be on the right side or wrong side of history. What the If inspires people to take action *today* by visualizing their life in a possible future.
ARC (Aggregated Resonance Communicator)
by Woke AF
We are a platform for a network of social movements who anonymously share followers to support campaigns to expand their reach beyond their own.
Squad Goals
by I Can't Feel My When I'm With You
The Squad Goals Challenge is designed to end the blindspots on our social media feeds, which have begun to echo our own biases more and more. Using the Squad Goals app, you can get a diversity score for your network, connect with new voices and friends you've never heard, and challenge your friends to do the same.
Flip That!
by Team Flip That!
Our mission is to convert bystanders into upstanders against hate by crowdsourcing your own version of the Daily Show.
Calendar of events for No2H8
Day 1: Monday, February 22
Background and Training, Facebook Campus, Menlo Park, CA
The afternoon will feature a No2H8 Workshop on Fighting Online Hate & Extremism, where Facebook, Google, and other companies provide background about online hate and extremism and share techniques for effective counter-speech, online campaigning, storytelling, and narratives.

Day 2: Tuesday, February 23
Concept & Campaign Design, Google Campus, Mountain View, CA
This is probably the busiest and most creative day of the whole hackathon! Teams narrow down their ideas to a final candidate, bounce their ideas off mentors and experts, pivot and refine their approaches, and build low-fidelity mockups that can be further tested. Teams won't be getting any sleep tonight!

Day 3: Wednesday, February 24
Storytelling & Campaign Building, Facebook Campus, Menlo Park, CA
It's the final stretch - teams will test out their prototypes with target audiences, build a campaign plan to ensure widespread adoption, and prepare their TED-style pitches for the evening. From 7-8:30 pm, teams will pitch their ideas in front of a live audience, expert judges, and an online audience who will all be voting for the winner!

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Stay in touch with us at our Facebook page and on Twitter at @no2h8campaign. Check back for news and updates as the teams continue to develop and roll out their tools and initiatives.